wedding music

yes, we do weddings

Musicians play a lot of weddings. twist has (individually) played at many a wedding, and had a wedding of their own in 2000! We are very conscious of wedding-related issues, and work to make the process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. We are sensitive to differing concepts and desires of people involved in a wedding - some people prefer traditional music, some want to buck tradition completely, and some want the musicians to find a middle ground somewhere in between. twist recognizes that each couple and each wedding are unique, and never plays the same program of music twice. We want our music to be custom-tailored to your wedding. Our wedding had a soprano soloist (Eric accompanied!), two violin soloists, a string quartet, a five voice choir, and a three piece band at our wedding, and the music was a rich blend of traditional and contemporary, classical and popular.

The process of working with twist goes something like this. Nothing is final until a contract is signed and a deposit is received:

  1. Initial contact, request information if necessary
  2. Consultation - discuss details of what is desired
  3. Contract drawn up and mailed out
  4. Contract signed and returned with deposit
  5. Additional consultations and rehearsals if necessary
  6. Wedding!

We are available for the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception, or both. Please contact us for more information or to discuss any questions you may have. If you would like, read our wedding music f.a.q. This "frequently asked questions" page includes pricing information and answers to some common questions we get asked.