for that special song

Have a special song in mind, but it's not on our list? Not to worry! We have many more songs in our big black notebooks that aren't listed on this site, and if we don't have your song at all, we are proud to offer an arranging service. Eric has been arranging music for piano and other instruments for years, and would love to work with you to make your special song part of your event. We love to add new music to our repertoire, and many pieces can be adapted well for piano and violin. Be aware that there are some pieces that, for various reasons, do not complement our particular instrumentation. We will let you know the suitability of your song for our instruments. However, if you desire, these pieces can be arranged for piano only, or we will work with you to find a similar piece that will be suitable for a duo arrangement. In addition to arranging standards from Natalie Cole to Cole Porter, we've adapted music from Up to Enya to Dave Matthews to ABBA. An additional fee will apply to arrangements, and depends on the length and complexity of the piece. We'd love to talk to you about customizing your event with your favorite music!